wireless ip camera


Initial Setup for Wireless ip camera

1] Check the package that all the components are included.
2] Lay all the components out so that everything is in front of you and clearly marked
3] Check that you have internet access and that your home page is available
4] In the instruction manual there will a designated ip address given for the camera.
5] Copy this ip address directly into the address bar of your internet browser and click the go button or hit the enter key.

Setting up the camera from address window

1] Depending on your camera model you will have a different interface to work with.
2] Navigate to the administrators settings
3] You will want to find the option to name your camera (Name is something you will remember when you see it on your network) and write down your password.

Customize your IP Settings

1] Now you need to change your ip address to an address that you will remember.
2] Next you will need to sync your routers default gateway to your cameras (see your routers admin & configuration section to obtain that information).
3] Save your settings and test that your wireless ip camera is up and running.

wireless ip camera